Since 2002, Company Counsel, LLC has provided cost-effective, part-time general counsel services to entrepreneurial companies and individuals, angel investors and institutional investors. We work closely with a small number of clients and their management teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of their businesses and industries.  This enables us to handle most of our clients’ legal service needs  “in-house” and to proactively identify those instances where outside counsel is advisable.

While all of our attorneys have a wealth of big firm experience, we have structured our business so that we can charge rates that are about half those typically charged by major Boston law firms for the services of similarly experienced attorneys.  By setting our rates at these levels, our objective is to encourage our clients to seek our advice and engage our services  frequently, whenever legal or related business issues arise or are likely to arise, so that they may be addressed proactively and collaboratively.

“Company Counsel has been a true partner to BzzAgent – from inception through our eventual acquisition. While BzzAgent has employed many different legal specialists throughout its lifecycle, Company Counsel has been and remains a lynchpin to managing all of our legal issues.”
~ Dave Balter – Founder and President of BzzAgent
  • In early stage angel financings, every dollar counts. Company Counsel combines significant venture capital experience with a cost effective rate structure ideal for angel investors.
    Arthur Fox, Angel Investor and Chairman of Royalty Capital Management