Cost of Services


We understand the cost constraints of building of an emerging company.  In an effort to meet client needs, we work with our clients to determine the appropriate price structure on a case-by-case basis.   Generally, however, our fee structure falls into one of the three following categories:

Hourly Fee Plan

Most often, we find our clients are best served by charging on a per hour basis for services provided. Typically, our hourly rate is less than half of the hourly rate charged by large Boston law firms for the services of similarly experienced attorneys.

Project Fee Plan

In certain cases, we will work out a flat fee for a specific project that we undertake with the fee to be determined at the outset.  This fee structure may be appropriate when the applicable project is discrete and has a clearly defined scope so that both parties feel comfortable that they receive fair value in connection with the project.

Fixed Fee Plan

Fixed fee plans may be a viable option for long standing clients who have predictable, consistent and quantifiable legal service needs month over month, quarter over quarter, etc.  Under a fixed fee plan, Clients are charged a fixed monthly “retainer” for all services performed up to a maximum number of hours. To determine this fee, we work together with our client to review its historical usage of our services and discuss potential future legal service needs.  From there, we can set an appropriate monthly fee that works best for both parties. Clients who choose to hire us on a fixed fee plan will be able to effectively budget for their foreseeable legal expenses and, for the hours included in the plan, be given a material discount over our hourly rates charged for work performed under an hourly fee plan.


Regardless of the fee plan selected, we do not bill separately for ordinary course expenses we incur in connection with our services such as photocopies, postage, phone and fax charges and local travel expenses. That said, non-ordinary course out-of-pocket expenses such as major printing jobs or mailings,  non-local travel expenses, filing fees, franchise taxes, foreign qualification fees, search or certificate fees and all other extraordinary out-of-pocket fees and taxes incurred on behalf of our clients are charged to our clients at cost.

“Company Counsel was a tremendous resource to Thumbplay through its early growth. I continue to encourage entrepreneurs looking for cost-effective legal service models to take a look at Company Counsel.”
~ Are Traasdahl – Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Thumbplay
  • In early stage angel financings, every dollar counts. Company Counsel combines significant venture capital experience with a cost effective rate structure ideal for angel investors.
    Arthur Fox, Angel Investor and Chairman of Royalty Capital Management