What We Do


Company Counsel provides both company services and investor services.

Company Counsel serves as general counsel to its company clients operating in industries as diverse as software development and services, medical devices, manufacturing and distribution, consulting, telecommunications, e-commerce, network security and retail services. In our role as general counsel we typically serve as the initial point of contact for all legal issues.  Most often we are able to handle legal issues that arise cost effectively “in-house”. However, where an issue implicates the need for specialized expertise in areas such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, taxation, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, employment law or litigation, we help our client identify an appropriate subject matter expert from within our extensive network of trusted specialist attorneys and firms, many of whom have long standing relationships with Company Counsel and a proven track record of providing excellent service to our clients.

For our investor clients, both angel investors and institutional investors, we provide advice and counsel in connection with early stage financing transactions as well as in connection with day-to-day operational issues.


“Our business model is predicated on getting the most out of our team. With their depth of experience and knowledge of our business, adding Company Counsel as our part-time general counsel has paid significant dividends.”
~ Amarpreet Sawhney – CEO of Ocular Therapeutix
Company Counsel - What We Do
  • In early stage angel financings, every dollar counts. Company Counsel combines significant venture capital experience with a cost effective rate structure ideal for angel investors.
    Arthur Fox, Angel Investor and Chairman of Royalty Capital Management